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MS Albatros arrival at St Helena

The cruise vessel MS Albatros that is at present on route from the Canary Islands to Cape Town is expected to call at St Helena...[ read more ]

St Helena Businesses gets free offer this christmas

We are offering free featured listings for this month as a Christmas special giveaway for all local St Helena Businesses. This means that all Businesses...[ read more ]

Big cruise ship for St Helena

MS Marina will be one of the biggest Cruise ships to call at St Helena this year. The MS Marina is scheduled to arrive in...[ read more ]

St Helena Travel and Tours

As quoted from Deutsche Welle at a glance “The Remote Island Saint Helena will evolve into a tourist destination.” When this quote transforms into reality...[ read more ]

Pub Paradise offered for sale after 21 years of success.

Pub Paradise one of the most recognised successful Island businesses is now been offered for sale on St Helena after twenty one years of trading....[ read more ]

Easter flights unlikely to St Helena due to notification of delay

Direct Flights from London to St Helena in time for Easter 2016 is highly unlikely according to a statement released by Atlantic Star Airlines yesterday....[ read more ]

St Helena Hair and Beauty Salons

To day we feature hair and beauty businesses on St Helena. Whether you are visiting or a local resident, St Helena has a range of...[ read more ]

M.V Amadea arrives in St Helena

The M.V Amadea has just arrived in St Helena as scheduled. The M.V Amadea approached the anchorage just after 11 am local time. On-board the...[ read more ]

Ticket sales delay for direct flight to St Helena

Atlantic Star Airlines has released another update about direct flights to St Helena. This time the news was not so welcoming for customers who were...[ read more ]

M.V Amadea calls at St Helena

St Helena is expecting to accommodate around 800 visitors on Sunday 1st November when the cruise ship MV Amadea will call at James Bay. 509...[ read more ]

New Tourism Director for St Helena.

Christopher Pickard a new Director for St Helena Tourism has recently arrived on St Helena. Chris who was appointed in August said in a radio...[ read more ]

All aboard Atlantic Star as the countdown begins for air tickets to St Helena

Following the announcement yesterday from Atlantic Star Airlines who have just teamed up with TUI-FLY to fly to St Helena on the very first direct...[ read more ]

Fly St Helena for Easter 2016

Do you want to fly to St Helena around Easter 2016? Atlantic Star Airlines have announced that they are hoping to fly to St Helena...[ read more ]

The Sandwich Bar – We don’t Sell Fast – We Sell Fresh

This week we have been focusing on getting more businesses listed on the St Helena business directory. We have also been continuing to work on...[ read more ]

Decades of success as a Business on St Helena.

W A Thorpe & Sons is a great example of a successful business on St Helena. W A Thorpe & Sons is a registered company...[ read more ]

SHAPE – St Helena

The St Helena Business Directory not only publishes business listings on St Helena but we also offer free listings for organisations that are established on...[ read more ]

Business Directory update

The St Helena Business Directory has been up and running online for just over a week now and we have decided to publish our first...[ read more ]

Fishing Business about to go offshore

It was announced last week that the MFV Extractor  that has been sat anchored in James Bay unused for more than a year has been...[ read more ]